I am interested in making a Last Will and testament?

Asked 7 months ago - Bedford, PA

I live in PA. I was wondering about do it yourself wills. Are they a legitamite way to make a will? What about internet sites like Legalzoom.com are these sites legal? Are they legitamite? How much does it cost to have a will done by a attorney. Any info would be helpful. thanks.

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    Answered . There is an old saying in the practice of the law concerning persons who write their own will which goes, Nothing so sweet adding grist [fees] to the mill as the little person who writes their own will. If you need an operation do you perform it yourself? I have never been on internet sites like Legalzoom.com and am unable to comments as to whether they are legal or legitimate. I am also unable to answer your question as to the cost to have a will done by an attorney, because you have not provided sufficient information such as assets and liabilities, your intended beneficiaries, tax considerations, etc.

    I do not recommending your revealing further information in an attempt to answer the above issues on AVVO as it is a public forum where you do not have the benefit of the attorney-client privilege to develop the facts necessary to intelligently respond to your questions. You certainly may use AVVO to locate an attorney in or near Bedford County experienced in drafting Wills and associated documents as needed in your particular situation.

    Good Luck

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    Answered . Hello,

    If you needed medical assistance would you go to the internet for help or do it yourself to save a few bucks? It is up to you, do it yourself Wills are not illegal but you take the chance of your wishes not being correctly articulated which may later lead to problems for your estate.

    Estate planning attorneys charge different fees. You may want to go to your local bar association and ask for at least (3) attorney referrals.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . This is TOO Important to be a Do-it-Yourself Project. If you want to do-yourself-a-favor, see 'Find-A-Lawyer' at the top of this page. Discuss executing a Living Trust, with "only" a Will if the Living Trust doesn't fit what you want to accomplish. Good Luck !!

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