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I am in USA on B1/B2 visa with entry for a period of 6 months I am 15, can I get admission in grade 10 in any public school

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I am in USA on B1/B2 visa entry on I-94 is 6 months valid until Jan, 2010. I am 15, question is can I get admission in grade 10 in any public school.If yes, do I need to apply for change of status for f1? someone told f1 is for University degree but up to grade 12 what is the appropriate visa and how to get through change of status.

Technically can I pursue study in grade 10 and onward up to grade 12 on b1/b2 visa? but my entry into usa will expire in Jan,2011 so do I need to apply for extension OR change of status (under which visa category) pleas help...I am residing with my Uncle.

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If you you were admitted into the U.S. in B1/B2 status, you are not eilgible to attend school unless you first apply for a change of status and your application is approved BEFORE you attend school. If you have just recently entered the U.S., you will likely have issues of intent unless you made it known to the U.S. consulate who issued the B1/B2 visa for you that you intend to attend a school.

You should consult an attorney of your choice before you attend school or submit any applications with USCS.

Good Luck

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