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I am in the process of switching attorneys - due to ineffective rep previously. Do I have to respond to appearances or demands

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Do i have to respond to appearances or demands from opposing counsel during the 30-day period I have to find new counsel. Previous attny filed motion to withdraw (I'm fully paid up - I just couldn't stand the ineffective rep) - and opposing counsel accepted the motion. Does the clock basically stop until I get new counsel??

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  1. Usually the court!a order will say that everything is stated for x amount of days - take a look at the order relieving your previous counsel.

    This answer should not be construed as creating an attorney-client relationship, and is for informational purposes only.

  2. Counsel above is correct. If the court has not relieved you of responding to the current timelines, then you are required to respond in accordance with the original schedule

  3. It depends on how the order was written. As other attorneys have pointed out, the court usually issues an order staying the case until new representation is obtained. If you present do not have an attorney, and are technically representing yourself, there is no harm in communicating with opposing counsel your understanding that everything is presently on hold. If they disagree and, for instance, seek to take a deposition during this time--- then you'll have to go back to court and seek further guidance/clarification.

    My response to this question is a response to a hypothetical situation based on limited facts. I am not your attorney; you are not my client and we do not have an attorney-client relationship. If you need a lawyer, you should contact one in your area. If you would like to talk with me about your case, you can call my office.

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