I am in the process of moving out of a home I share with my roommate and a dog. The dog is legally his on paper, however,

Asked about 1 year ago - Buffalo, NY

he has NEVER given him the care he needs. His parents kept him for the first 5 years and we have had him for the past 2. I have provided every aspect of care for him (vet bills, food, toys, bathing, etc....). It has been brought to my attention that I can file abuse charges against him. How would I go about doing so? I know this dog will be very very neglected once I leave. I can't imagine him with my roommate. As anyone ever gone to court over a dog?

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  1. Marco Caviglia

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    Answered . If the dog is at risk for abuse (you'll have to show it if it was past but not present), contact the local humane society charged with prosecution of animal cruelty. Even if they find none, they might agree to keep an eye on the dog. You have no legal claim to the dog, however. Offer to buy the dog from him. If he doesn't care for it and you do, and he makes some money from it, you both make out.

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  2. Elizabeth Lorraine Elliott

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    Answered . You asked this question slightly differently yesterday. Currently, the dog is not being mistreated and the the dog belongs to your roommate. If in fact that dog is mistreated after you leave, you can then report the abuse to animal control. Perhaps you can work out an agreement to purchase or adopt the dog from your roommate.

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  3. Dane Johnson

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    Answered . As a concerned citizen, you can report an alleged crime, but you can not prosecute a criminal case by yourself. Filing animal neglect charges is something that your local animal control or other prosecutor would do. I would start by reporting the conduct to animal control in your town or city.

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