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I am getting a divorce can I take our child to another state. My husband is currently unemployed

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I want to go back to home state with family so that I can get support with my child. He hasn't worked in almost a year.

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The home state is determined by where the child has resided continuously for the last 6 months

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If you want to take your child out of state, your should petition the court for an order to do so. If you take the child out of state and he files before you have been there for 6 months, he can file for an order for you to return the child to the state - which if he wins will cost you time and money to either move back, or you will need to send your child to live with his father. It is in your best interest to either get a stipulated agreement with your husband that you can move the child or to get a court order allowing you to move with the child.

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When a divorce is filed in California there are "Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders" (ATROs) that are issued as well. One of those ATROs prevents the children from being removed from California without an agreement with the other parent or an order from the court.
You can try to get your husband to sign an agreement that allows you to move with the children, and that can then be filed with the court.
If he doesn't agree that you can move with the kids then you have to file a Request for Order to move with the children, stating why you need to move, and you should also propose what time you think the children should have with their father if you do get to move with them.

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Caycie Dawn Bradford

Caycie Dawn Bradford


Mr. Hittelman is correct and has provided you with the best answer. Your best option is to try and get your husband to agree to the move, if not, then file an Order to Show Cause Motion using the FL-300 and all the attachments necessary and explain to the court why it would be in the best interest of the minor child for you to move the child to another state. Best of luck! (424) 703-3416 LA/Long Beach Attorneys

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