I am filing out a form for uncontested divorce "UD-10" and i do not understand question #13.

Can somebody explain what the options Regarding defendant mean in a simple language? 13: FIFTH: That this action was commenced by filing the Summons With Notice(my option) or Summons and Verified Complaint with the County Clerk on __DATE__. Defendant was served personally(my option) OR pursuant to Court order dated ___DATE___ with the above stated pleadings and the Notice of Automatic Orders. Defendant (???) A) defaulted in appearance B) appeared and waived his/her right to answer C) filed an answer/amended answer withdrawing any previous pleading and neither admitting nor denying the allegations in plaintiff's complaint, and consenting to entry of judgment I do not know which option is the right one for my situation. My husband signed affidavit of defendant.

New York, NY -

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David Alexander Browde

David Alexander Browde

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Chappaqua, NY

The proper answer will depend upon the language of his affidavit. Most likely it's B, but without seeing the papers it's impossible to be certain.

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