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I am filing a I-131 for re-entry permit and it is asking me what my class of admission is. I have an I-551. what do I put here?

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I am a permanent resident card holder for 4 1/2 years and had to leave the country to take care of a sick family member. I will probably be away for more than 1 year and I would like to extend my green card issuance by the 2 year period by applying for a re-entry permit. I have the form and I have everything filled out except for the part 1, section 3 - Class of Admission. Can anyone help me and let me know what they are looking for in this section. It is the only answer I am not sure what to fill in. I have called USCIS and they cannot help with filling out the form. Please Help!

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You do not extend your green card validity by obtaining a re-entry permit. Though the card itself has an expiration date on it, your status does not expire when your card expires, though you should never let it expire without first applying for a new card.

The re-entry permit simply prevents CBP from determining that you have abandoned your residence solely based upon the time you have remained out of the US.

[8 CFR 223.3(d)(1) Reentry permit. A permanent resident or conditional permanent resident in possession of a valid reentry permit who is otherwise admissible shall not be deemed to have abandoned status based solely on the duration of an absence or absences while the permit is valid.]

The re-entry permit does not immunize you from challenge by CBP on your return that you have abandoned your legal permanent residence.

The simplest answer to your question about the anser on the form, is that your class of admission is "legal permanent resident."

You'd better get an attorney to advise you before you leave the US.

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