I am facing a felony sale in Hinds County and Conspiracy to sell narcotics in Madison Co, They have yet to charge me.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Jackson, MS

Im wondering how long do they have to arrest you after they present your case to grand jury or whoever? I mean are we talking weeks, months, years??? What can I expect?

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  1. Anders Ferrington

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    Answered . You need an attorney ASAP. Hinds County waits a while on occasion, and it is sometime possible to avoid the charges. I just had a client in Madison that was arrested almost two years ago, indicted in December, and they did not issue her papers to her until last month. Find an attorney ASAP

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  2. Stacy E Pepper


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    Answered . You can expect to be arrested as soon as they get around to it. The waiting can be a very stressful time when you are waiting for the other shoe to fall, so to speak. However, this can be a good thing since it gives you time to hire an attorney and save up some money for the attorney fee. I highly urge you to get an attorney now., don't wait.

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  3. Vijay Dinakar


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    Answered . You need to hire a local criminal attorney asap. Run, don't walk to an attorney's office. Don't wait until the government files charges, hire an attorney now so that charges may be prevented from being filed. Don't talk to law enforcement under any conditions. Good luck.

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