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I am divorce and my ex husband was killed. title to car was in both our name, he never took mine off because he wanted me to

Rockford, IL |

drive car. Now I need to insure and pay licenses fee. should I take his name off title? will they let me take his name off title with him being deceased with a death certificate? Car was still in both our names. There is no will or beneficiary appointed. Is car still legally mine since my name is on title?

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    You now own the car outright unless there was a provision to the contrary in your Judgment for Dissolution. Don't worry about the title since your name is on it. Insure and pay to license it. The insurance and license will now be in your name. I am sorry for your loss.

  2. Who was the car assigned to in the divorce? If it was assigned to him and you never transferred it to him, you might not be in compliance with the terms of the divorce judgment. If there are heirs to his property, they may or may not make an issue of it. For the purposes of the registration and ownership, using the death certificate to transfer the jointly owned property will be sufficient. If the estate comes after you, you may need to turn the property over to be in compliance with the divorce judgment.

  3. I recommend that you redirect your question to Avvo's probate attorneys.