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I am currently paying restitution to the Federal government. Will they settle with me for a reduced amount.

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I am currently paying restitution to the Federal government due to a criminal case. It is being paid directly to the government. I am 64 years old and have another 5 years to make monthly payments before it is paid in full. Is it possible to settle with the government now for a reduced amount?

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It is impossible to answer your question with the limited facts presented. Moreover, if you were sentenced in the MDPA, you most likely had an attorney representing you. Pose your question directly to your attorney. That said, restitution, while due and payable to the Clerk of District Court, is then paid to the victims according to a schedule established prior to or at sentencing and set forth in detail in your Judgment of Sentence.

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Thanks for replying. My restitution is owed to the Federal government. They are the "victim" in the case. My question is, will the government take a reduced, lump sum settlement. I can't seem to find a related answer anywhere to this question. My old lawyer is out of the picture as this happened six years ago. If I cannot handle this myself, what type of lawyer should I contact?

Daniel M. Myshin

Daniel M. Myshin


Since you no longer are represented, you should feel free to contact me during regular business hours to discuss your situation confidentially. I routinely practice in the Middle District. My phone no. is 717.541.5451. If you prefer, you can use the "Find a lawyer" feature on Avvo to locate another experienced criminal defense attorney who practices in federal court. Good luck.

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