I am currently non deployable due to medical reasons and my chain of command, physicians, and specialists refuse to make the

Asked almost 2 years ago - Fort Lee, VA

change in medpros (a medical computer system). I continue to be accused of making myself non deployable and told I don't act like my rank. Should I submit a congressional to be remove from this unit fear of reprisal and repurcussions?

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  1. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . Not sure what you mean--YOU believe you are non-deployable or your doctors/command think you are non deployable. Please clarify.

    Submitting a Congressional will net you nothing, the Army will have to do some paperwork--thats about it if you do submit a Congressional.

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  2. Stephen P. Kelly

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    Answered . I am not quite clear on your issue. Who is accusing you of making yourself non-deployable (malingering)? Do your physicians agree you are non-deployable, or is this a self-diagnosis? If your physicians are saying you have a medical condition that makes you ineligible to deploy, but your command will not support your status change, then you might contact the IG. You have an absolute right to contact your congressman; however, in my 20 years of military experience, Congressionals usually only get you a nice letter from your Congressman relaying the response he received from your service.

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  3. William Emil Cassara


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    Answered . Your question is not clear. It sounds like you think you are non-deployable but the doctors and your chain of command disagree. If that is the case, you are deployable. You might want to clarify your question.

  4. Andrew David Cherkasky

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    Answered . I'm not sure whether you are saying they won't take you out of the system so that you can deploy, or whether they are refusing to flag you as non-deployable.

    In either event, if you are being harassed, I would recommend talking to the IG. That said, your military career is likely short at this point if you are continually non-deployable. I would hope the IG can help get the right agencies to get your status correct in the computer system. If the IG can't help, try to get the on-base defense counsel to help since this is a matter that could lead to discharge (they may decline to help at this point depending on your service branch).

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  5. Sherilyn Ann Epperson Bunn

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    Answered . I agree with these gentlemen & their assessment.

    I would add that being "fit" for deployment has become a very flexible term. As deployments now range in diversity of location & for different timeframes, deeming someone "deployable" vs "non-deployable" isn't really a concrete determination. Quite frankly, factors such as your MOS, location of deployment, length of deployment, and your particular medical limitations may be the difference in you being deployable to one location, and non-deployable for the next. I have seen many Servicemembers who were "non-deployable" be approved for deployments in areas where the requirements for their MOS were less stringent. It really is a determination to be made by your Command in conjunction with the appropriate medical personnel.

    Before making any sort of complaint, I would seek guidance from a legal assistance attorney at your local JAG office or consult one of the military law attorneys listed in this forum. Getting all the details & researching your options before filing any sort of complaint is really in your best interest!

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