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I am constantly being pulled over (racially profiled), What can I do?

Redlands, CA |

I have never broken a law involving a moving violation , nor have a ever had a ticket for a moving violation , but I constantly get pulled over for having a " modified " car , but yet , I have not received any ticket for it nor have I been told what was modified . My perception , I am in my mid 20s , I am black , my head is shaved and I have a black Mercedes with black leather interior . Windows , exhausts / mufflers , lights , etc are all legal and compliant . I really hate to think this way , but I am really frustrated . I have a coworker that has been driving around in her car for 19 months with expired tags and no sticker from the DIV in the window and she is white and has not been stopped yet . What can I do about my situation ?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. If you are alleging racial profiling and you have evidence to prove it, contact a civil rights attorney or NAACP.

  2. The next time it happens, ask the officer for his name and badge number and file a complaint with his office. The next time after that, same thing. The next time after that, same thing. At that point you can reasonably think about talking to a an attorney about filing a lawsuit, with enough paper to back your allegations.

  3. Nothing you can do except get ID from the coppers that stop you and at some point contact a civil rights attorney. You can't fight ignorance any more than I can deny that I have blue eyes

  4. I have a lot of respect for you being able to keep your cool during these encounters. I would become a screaming nut and then give the cops something to arrest me for.

    In addition to my colleagues' good suggestions, I would also suggest that you keep a record of these encounters. It can be as simple as putting the information on your cellphone "note" or "notebook" app after the cops drive away. The more encounters you can recollect (with the info my colleagues have suggested you gather, such as badge number, etc) the more persuasive your case.

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