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I am citizen and i want my husband to have permission to work in the USA what could i do?

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I am a citizen. i married my husband in 2012. we been together for 5 years and we are searching for a good lawyer to help us on giving him papers or a permission to work in the USA. he has been saving money so we could do this i need help and need a good lawyer that could help me.

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If your husband entered the US with a visa it is likely the process for resident status may be completed in the US.

If your husband entered the US without a visa there is a new provisional waiver process that may be suited to your husband's situation.

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The primary issue is how your husband entered the U.S.; either using a visa or entering without being inspected. The next level of inquiries will be when he entered, how old he was when he entered, his education and criminal history. Without the above, it's hard to define a path for him. Please retain counsel to discuss the above and more to determine what is in the best interest for your family.


There is a common misconception that permission to work is somehow independent of any process or basis under the immigration laws. In fact, employment authorization is always dependent upon some process or status. The categories for the different processes are set by the federal regulations and must be provided when applying for work authorization. So, the better question is what process your husband would need to avail himself of to adjust his status here in the United States. As the other attorneys stated he would need a consultation to determine if he is eligible for any lawful means of adjusting his status.

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