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I am charged with 211 pc,245(a)(1) PC 11377(a) HS 417(a)(1) pc148(a)(1).what is my maximum punishment and can it be reduced

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I was under influence so I got kitchen knife to scare people not to touch me as i was scared and afraid and just took golf cart to run did not hurt anyone or took any cart from premises.Also in detention I was not allowed to call myfamily and was interrogated without reading my rights.I have prior records and am young.I gave my confession from fear and asked me to cooperate and will allow to call my family.Do I take Public defender are they good otherwise which lawyer and how to know who is good.Can I appeal even after my punishment is given and go further.What is my best choice.Please help How much will it cost me.Does it have jury trial or what Please advise in order I have to take action in court

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    There are lots of good lawyers in the Fresno area. Find the best that you can afford. You are looking at serious time. A good lawyer can make a difference in getting some charges reduced/dropped. Your confession can get suppressed under some circumstances, but that depends on the facts. Also, avoid discussing the facts of case - especially your involvement - on a public forum like this. Avoid any more admissions.

  2. Looks like you are looking at 5 years

    All my responses to any questions are for entertainment purposes only. You should ALWAYS consult an attorney to see if you need further help.

  3. This all depends on a number of things, more information will likely be needed to calculate your actual maximum exposure, such as whether some of those are charged as misdemeanors or felonies. On the PC 211 alone you would be looking at a maximum 5 year state prison sentence, and it is a serious felony that comes with a strike attached. These charges are very serious, I would definitely look into hiring private counsel on this matter. Do an Avvo search for attorneys in your area, I definitely would hire a good lawyer for these charges. Based on the information provided, you are probably looking at maximum exposure of more than 5 years, I would say, based on the info provided, in the 6-8 range. Hope this helps.


  4. Without more, it is impossible to say. I respectfully disagree with my colleague who indicated you are looking at 5 years. There are facts which you have not shared which could illuminate your potential exposure. A qualified attorney can provide you with the information you are seeking, upon your providing him/her with all the facts relevant to your inquiry.

  5. The public defender's office in Fresno is overworked and under-staffed. You run the risk of going with an attorney that has a huge caseload and may not have enough time to spend carefully doing all the work that will need to be done on a very serious case like this. you can go ahead and meet the public defender and see if they're going to put in the time necessary to do a good job.. you can get a sense of that from the interview with your lawyer. if you're not going to get a fighter working for you in the PD office then you really will have no choice but to find the money to hire somebody that will. Forced confession ,being on drugs ,youthful age serious strike offense-- there a lot of serious issues here that require careful work and they can't all be answered in a form like this

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