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I am being sued for car accident almost 2 yrs later and after ins already paid out can I fight this? Even ins co says its fraud

California, MD |

In feb 2011 at 7am I was on my way to work. At red light I was checking my phone looked over at driver next to me n she was looking at me. Light turned green we start driving as I'm putting my phone down I look up n she is now in front of me stepping on breaks in middle of highway w no other cars around so I swerve to AVOID hitting her go across meadian two other lanes of traffic into ditch. It was my 1st wedding anniversary day before and we celebrated a little late bc I was bartender n didn't get home till 2 so I did receive DUI for left over alcohol in system but I know I did not hit this woman. Even my ins says they know she's lying but it's easier to just pay to make her go away but now she is suing me personally. She didn't even go to er till 3 weeks after accident.

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Since you have insurance, turn the matter over to your insurance company right away. They will appoint an attorney to represent you in the case and to defend the lawsuit.

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I agree with counsel that you should notify your car insurance company right away, and send them copies of the legal papers. However, if your car insurance company already paid out on the full policy limits then the insurance company has no obligation to do anything further on this case, and you are on your own, in which case you should consult with an attorney.

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Simply turn it over to your insurance company to resolve.


Do not lose any sleep over this. Just let your insurance company do what they have to do. This is what you pay premiums for.

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