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I am being sued for an accident and I believe there is contributory negligence on the plaintiff's part. So I plan to fight it.

Quincy, IL |

My Insurance is offering money but the plaintiff wants more. If I lose and file bankruptcy what happens to the money my insurance was offering? Does it go to a trust and get divided among my debtors or does it still all go to the plaintiff?

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  1. Your insurance coverage will not go to anyone but the plaintiff. That is what you bought it for -- liability coverage.

    Cooperate with your assigned insurance defense counsel. You also need to know that it is fraudulent to "go bankrupt" merely to avoid a valid civil tort judgment against you.

    Your situation is too involved for an online answer. Cooperate with your defense counsel.

    You might find my Legal Guide helpful " What Do I Tell My Lawyer"

    Good luck to you.

    God bless.

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