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I am being sued by Midland Funding LLC, what do I do?

Carlisle, PA |

Capital One is the original creditor. Midland is suing me for over $2800. I have chosen to defend myself in court; however, I have no idea what I am doing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Make them prove that they have a right to collect. They need to be able to show that they purchased the debt from Capital One. Showing up is half the battle. Failure to show up means a default judgment.

Having counsel gives you a better chance that they dismiss the case.

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If you have no idea what you are doing, then you are probably not in a position to defend yourself well.

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I cannot afford a lawyer. I don't want to sit around and do nothing, that is why I am seeking information on how to defend myself.


Trying to beat the Phillies in baseball is a far easier task than defending yourself.

However, understand baseball's infield fly rule and how it applies to your case. With every case, I think about the infield fly rule. I love that rule. It is trouble for anyone ignoring the rules of the game. It is the law of strict liability for a batter poppin' up with runners on base. Watch out infielders, you didn’t find a loophole in your favor for dropping the ball just because you caught a break and the batter is automatically out. That is because of my favorite part: the batter's out, but the runners advance if they are willing to assume the risk and pay attention to the base coaches counseling them. That's the way life is; you choose when to advance, based on your abilities, and counsel... or not, but you’d better have someone who knows the rules on your side.

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