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I am being stalked and bullied by someone from another state....what can I do.

Charleston, WV |

I am being stalked on the Christian Forum personal info, name,address,ph.# age,ect. All posted with damaging lies. My pics have been taken from my head was placed on nude ladies bodies. (You-Tube) (Blip) My son is being accused of rape. My husband of beating me. I fear for my safety. All in the attempt to destroy me and my family. What should I do?

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Contact each of the social media sites and file a complaint to see if they will force the objectionable material off of their sites. Also make print copies of everything and check with the police and the Attorney General's Office of your State to see if criminal or other governmental action can be taken. If this is coming from another State, and you and/or your family are actually being threatened with imminent harm, it may not hurt to also contact the FBI to see if they will investigate this. You should also revisit your FB page to put in the maximum restrictions as to who can visit you.


Have a local attorney subpoena the internet service provider and find the person's identity.


As Mr. Schwimmer wrote, you should cancel all of the law-enforcement agencies. I want to emphasize the importance of contacting the FBI. There are federal statutes granting the FBI the power to investigate such matters, and they are not impeded by state boundaries.

Contact the Christian Forum Topic, and see if they'll help you. There is no !st Amendment privilege applicable here. The perpetrator can't claim that he was doing all this to seek religious counseling, which is the basis for the privilege.

When you contact anyone - local, state, FBI - be sure you have all proof with you, such as emails, photos, threats, showing the inclusion of your family members.

I am an attorney admitted solely in NY. None of the answers I submit on this forum constitutes legal advice, even to questioners in NY, and no attorney-client relationship is hereby created.

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