I am being represented in a Workers Compensation case.And I am scheduled for 2 doctors appointment,My jobs insurance and lawyers

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I got hurt at my job two times because they don't give me the right equipment like a back brace,So I am suing them for that.And Now I am being represented by a lawyer.She scheduled me to see her doctor at Feb 2nd for evaluation. But my jobs insurance scheduled me for evaluation today!! Do I go to both or wait for Feb 2nd?

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  1. Bobby L. Bollinger Jr.


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    Answered . Ask your lawyer. If you screw this up it is your lawyer who will have to fix it.

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  2. Nancy J Wallace

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    Answered . You could get an ORDER SUSPENDING PROCEEDINGS if you fail to attend a defense evaluation.

    ALSO: YOU COULD END UP PAYING THE $500 "Failed Appointment" charge by the defense doctor.

    If the "jobs insurance" evaluation is actually a TREATMENT APPOINTMENT, then your attorney should have cancelled THAT treatment appointment with a notice you elected a New Primary Treating Physician from the MPN.

    If the "jobs insurance" evaluatioin is a PANEL QME evaluation, missing that is super expensive. The QME gets all your medical reports and records prior to the evaluation and bills the insurer for reviewing them prior to the evaluation...and can bill the insurer as much as $800 for the failed appointment (because they could have put in another QME evaluation for which they'd get $1,600 had you cancelled 48 hours in advance).

    It's really sad you will be paying your lawyer thousands -- maybe ten$ of thousand$ -- and you are getting advice from strangers on the same day as a defense evaluation instead of meeting with her or faxing her several days in advance. If you've got an attorney with whom you cannot get answers you understand, or can't get any answers at all, think about switching to someone with whom you can communicate effectively.

  3. Ruben Alonso Montoya

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    Answered . I would wait for the 2/2 appointment that your attorney scheduled. In fact I would stop going to all appointments that your insured schedules unless your attorney authorized it. One more thing, I would be asking my attorney such questions, that is why you hired him. Good Luck!

  4. George Ellis Corson IV

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    Answered . Go to both.

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  5. Kurt Matthew Young

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    Answered . Absolutely talk to your lawyer first. That's why you hired him or her in the first place, to help protect your rights. Unless you have some strange relationship/fee agreement, should not cost you anything. Most workers' compensation claims are handled on a contingent fee basis and you don't pay extra for phone calls. Instead you pay when an attorney has to step in to solve issues and by avoiding them, you pay less.

    Best of luck with your recovery.

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  6. Edwin Arnold Anderson


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    Answered . Ask your lawyer.

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