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I am being offered keys for cash but they are requesting a w-9 tax form why?

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why does the bank want me to fill out a w-9 form if i agree to cash for keys

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They are going to pay you, and the payment will be treated as income.

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The bank wants you to fill out the form because they are planning on paying you. It will still be income, and under normal circumstances you must report all income on your tax returns.


The form is their proof that they paid you. You will need to declare this on your tax return.

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Banks and other individuals are required to give payees a W-9 to establish that you have a valid social security number or tax identification number so that they do not have to withhold income tax on the payment to you. If you do not provide them with a valid social security number (ex: because you are not a United States citizen), then they are required to withhold a certain amount of tax from this payment and pay it over to the United States. This is a very common transaction for banks and nothing special. Simply put down your social security number or tax ID number and you should get all of your money from them without a problem.

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