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I am being investigated for food stamp fraud, my first time receiving food stamps and my wife filled out the app., what to do

Katy, TX |

my wife did not list her son (my stepson) income while he was still in school, since that time my wife and I are seperated and hhsc is saying I should have known better, i told them I did not know nor would I break any laws or fraud the US Gov. I have been threathen with possible criminal charges because it is over the reg. limited whatever that limited amount is, I told them I would make restution, but I did not know that any laws were being broken, I was told to check back with the investigator around july 5, 2010 to see what the DA would be doing, I never received food stamps before and only started getting them after Hurricane Katrina and my wife was doing the paper work. could I be looking at jailed time?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Welfare fraud is a felony so this is a serious matter. You could potentially receive prison time if convicted.

    If you signed the application, then just like tax returns, you can be held accountable for the contents even if your wife actually filled in the documents. Your wife could also be held accountable (and they might seek your assistance in prosecuting her.)

    You should not talk with the investigators again without the assistance of a lawyer. They are not trying to help you, but trying to use your words to assist them in prosecuting you (and probably your wife.)