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I am being evicted because i had my girlfriend and her son move in to the 2 bed 3 bath house i have lived in rent free for 1.5 y

Phoenix, AZ |

I have lived here for 1 1/2 yrs with the condition that I attend school to secure my residence. Now my parents have persistently demanded they vacate the prenesis even though we are now married. The agreement we had was that I would live here thru October 2012. I have kept my end of agreement. They now are threatening to turn off utilities in a few days if we arent out by Sunday July 22. Is this legal?

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You can make a good case for staying there through Oct 2012 on a theory of promissory estoppel. They made the promise, you acted in reliance on it, there would be detriment to you if you were forced to leave early.

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