I am an Indian want to open a LLC in USA,my business will be online services to US citizens what will be tax implications?

Asked almost 3 years ago - Indio, CA

which states will be good option for me?as i will do the telemarketing of my technical services from India.LLC will be a single member company and even requires company bank account in US without visiting the states and don't have any visa is it possible to get one?any recommendation to do all this for me(any registered agent or company who do all this)

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    Answered . I have several Indian clients who are engaged in similar activities and
    would be happy to speak with you. We provide a "turnkey" structure to
    make the task as simple as possible for you. For the structure you
    propose, I would recommend organizing in Delaware. I organize LLC's and
    corporations regularly and have done that in a number of states. I find
    Delaware the state of choice for a variety of reasons, which I am happy
    to explain. Among other things, they are reasonable in price and very
    efficient. There is no tax to the LLC in Delaware other than an annual
    fee so long as the company is not physically doing business there. It
    is one of the few states where that is possible. Also the registered
    agent I use charges only $50 annually.

    The LLC can obtain an EIN and open an account. You could get a business
    visa to come if you need to do so.

    I would be happy to speak with you without cost. Interestingly I am
    currently doing the same thing for another client where some members are
    Indians and another is a U.S. citizen. However, in other instances the
    members are foreign nationals including Indians and Kuwaitis.

    Kindest regards,

    Ken Sprang

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    Answered . Delaware has anonymous LLC ownership (I was told at a recent conference) and it may be a good reason.

    Other reasons are to choose states with no state income tax.

    To me, your big headaches will be your india operation. as a U.S. person (the LLC) it will have access to foreign bank accounts and services provided.

    Here is a short list of problems:

    1. Need for LLC to file form 3520 for money etc from india.

    2. Meeting all 6038D regs whether they are on the form or not

    3. FBar where the LLC has a foreign bank account

    4. Withholding which prevents money from flowing back overseas unless filed.

    5. Single member LLC is disregarded and so for tax (gasp!) you are treated as being the taxpayer. That means YOUR indian assets come into play as to 1-3 and withholding as to 4.
    I can't say right now what a single member LLC would get in terms of treatment/respect as a focal entity for 1,2,3.
    6. You may want something other than an LLC, such as a regular corp if you want privacy. You still have withholding, but because corp is a focal entity, ITS reach to India may not have as high a level of reporting as would your LLC taxed as a sole proprietorship.

    There are other concerns, these are the main ones on my mind right now.

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    Curt Harrington
    (562) 594-9784

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    Answered . Both attorneys offer excellent advice. Mr Sprang even offers a free consult. What should be obvious from their comments is that you should not be doing this on your own and that you need corporate and tax counsel to assist you. I have read 100s of comments that Mr. Sprang has posted here at Avvo and you would be well served to at least speak to him about your sitatuation and to see if there is a fit between the two of you working together.

    Hope this helps.

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