I am an independent contractor for a logistics company. Now I have been informed my office hours are 7-4. Sound right?

I can't find anything in my contract about "office hours".

Houston, TX -

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Steven E. Petrou

Steven E. Petrou

Employment / Labor Attorney - Cypress, TX

If you are a truly independent contractor, you should be able to set your own hours and conditions of work. However, you should have your contract reviewed by an attorney to get a full response.

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Lee Keller King

Lee Keller King

Litigation Lawyer - Sugar Land, TX

Your employer generally has the right to set the hours you work. As Mr. Candiano states, this does not become an issue until you work more than 40 hours a week, at which time your employer generally has an obligation to pay you time and a half overtime.

You mention a "contract." Does it address overtime pay?

Charles Joseph Michael Candiano

Charles Joseph Michael Candiano

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Chicago, IL

Office hours are whatever your employer says they are. Laws only dictate
when premium pay is required.
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