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I am an actress and was chosen to play a lead role in a web series. I signed a contract.

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Then I was told that I had to do a nude test in order for them to seethe body type because the role had implied nudity. Shortly after the nude test where they took picturest, I was told that I didn't have the part anymore. I was reduced to a few lines. Can I file suit?

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If I were you, I'd get myself to an attorney ASAP and have him or her read the contract to see what you signed. Whether or not you'd still have the part, if there even IS a part, I would not trust these people with my nude photos. I'd be more concerned about that than the role in the web series that they promised you. Good luck!

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Rochelle S. Rabin

Rochelle S. Rabin


One more thing: on the off chance that this is a SAG contract, my actor friends also recommend contacting the SAG legal department.


The direct answer to your question is yes, anybody can sue anyone, any time, any place in the great country of ours. whether you will win or not is a question beyond what anyone can answer here

Find a lawyer, as my colleagues have noted, but one who has experience with employment agreements, and who can litigate. I think the language of the agreement will be critical in determining the likelihood of success in your lawsuit. I also think there may be criminal charges lurking around this matter.

Good luck!

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Depends on the wording of the contract. Attorney necessary.

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I suggest you consult with an attorney to review the contract and see what it requires. I also agree with Ms Rabin's concerns about the future of the photos they took. You should act quickly to get a court order to prevent them from misusing the photos (i.e. posting them online).


I think that you should send them a cease and desist letter that that they can not commercially exploit the pictures they took of you. Consult an attorney ASAP.

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It depends what is in the agreement. I am not familiar with actresses having to be photographed totally in the nude in order to see what kind of body type they have. Wouldn't a bikini have sufficed? It sounds very suspicious to me. You will probably need the assistance of litigation counsel if you are to have any chance of getting the photos back. With the assistance of your counsel, you may also need to pursue criminal prosecution of the individuals.

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Of course, I agree with my colleagues. You need to confer with an attorney to review the contract. There are Important elements which may involve the ownership of the photos as well as their rights to
publish the photos.

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