I am almost 17 (my birthday is in 13 days) and i am pregnant. can i legally move out if i feel unsafe at home ?

my parents know im pregnant and have agreed to let me live with my boyfriend once summer starts but i feel as if i need to leave sooner. the stress is getting really bad and i dont feel safe about that. i would have a stable place to stay with my boyfriend and his parents, me and him are both working on getting jobs and his parents support us both one hundred percent.

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Emma A. Kremer

Emma A. Kremer

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Boston, MA

If you do not feel safe in your own home, I highly recommend you check out the following link about minors' rights http://www.clcma.org/ and what impacts "running away" may have. You should try to speak with your parents if you can about moving out because if they have already agreed to let you move out in the summer, maybe they will be open to this. If you fear for your safety or that of your unborn child, you may want to contact social services or if you are in immediate danger call the police. If what you are asking in your question is if you can be emancipated, there is no formal proceeding for that in MA and judges rarely allow such petitions. You may also want to consult a family law attorney for further information or assistance. Best of luck.

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Catherine Taylor

Catherine Taylor

Family Law Attorney - Holden, MA

I could not agree more with the answer Attorney Kremer provided. If you fear for your safety or that of you unborn child, you need to remove yourself from the situation. You may be able to convince your parents to let you move out sooner if you rationally explain your position. depending on the specifics of what is making you feel unsafe with your parents, you may want to look into speaking with social services or the local police department. There can be consequences to you, your boyfriend, and his parents if the appropriate steps are not taken prior to your moving into their home. Attaining emancipation in Massachusetts is extremely rare and quite complicated. I suggest you contact a family law attorney to discuss your options. Best of luck to you.

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