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I am a US CITIZEN and i wanna know Whats a better and the Fastest way to bring my Wife from Pakistan to U.S?

North Aurora, IL |
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I've been Married for a year now and i really wanna bring my wife here in U.S ASAP. I am flying over next week to see her and i will be staying there for 2 i was wondering if i can bring her back with me? Is there a Visa i can apply for her while i'm there? or should i just file the i-130 which i hear normally takes a year...i'm also hearing from many ppl that fiance Visa is a faster way to bring her over better thn i-130...takes 3 months only? Please guys gimme the best advice possible i really need help and i want her in U.S ASAP...Please get back to me....thanks.

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  1. It used to be the fiancee visa K-3 in your situation since your married now but due to backlogs this is no longer the case and sometimes the difference in times for processing between I-130 and K-3 is very minimal and therefore perhaps filing the I-130 and by passing the K-3 may be an option but you can also do both and see which comes in first. The K-3 takes 3-6 months and the I-130 usually 6 months, then its referred to NVC and that takes another 1-3 months and then you she has her interview at the embassy. Good luck.

  2. Please see the answer to your other question.

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  3. Marriage based is the best option. To save time you should work with an attorney because the biggest delays happen because of mistakes in applications.

    Dhenu Savla, Esq.
    SwagatUSA, LLC

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  4. There is only one way to process the paperwork in your situation. Instead of relying on non-professional advice on how to avoid processing times wait I would suggest you to consult with an immigration lawyer to accomplish your goals. Best Wishes!
    Lalita Haran
    Attorney: Immigration Law
    13295 Illinois St., Ste., 128
    Carmel IN 46032
    Ph: (317) 660-6174

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