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I am a truck driver and I was fired from J B Hunt for a accident that I was found not at fault of. They claim safty issues.

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They went all the way back thru my driving history from years ago and I had a few accidents but none that was cited as my fault. They said due to safety issues thay had to let me go. Now I have a termination on my record and for safty issues for a accident that I was found not at fault. They have ruined me. I wont be able to get another job due to them. Any suggestions?

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. Did they claim you failed to disclose prior accidents on your job application? What prompted their investigation? Unless, you have a Union there probably is not much you can do.

You should consult an attorney in your State at once. Visit our webpage and tell us what you think.


You should consult with an employment attorneyin your area who can review all the facts leading up to your termination and explain your rights. If your employment was "at will", there may not be anything that you can do. But an attorney who specializes in emplyment/labor matters is a must. Good luck.

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I agree you should consult with an employment attorney. If you are a union member, talk with your business agent. If you had a written contract, review the contract.


By all means, schedule an in-office consultation with an employment law attorney who concentrates his or her practice in handling employee wrongful discharge or discrimination claims. You will not know if you have a claim or not unless you consult with an attorney. While your relationship with your employer may be employment "at-will," there are so many exceptions now days to this doctrine, that it rarely applies despite what well-meaning attorneys may tell you. If what the employer did is clearly unfair, you probably have a claim or at least some leverage to negotiate a favorable separation from the company and keep your FMCSA safety ratings suitable for other employers. So, you MUST schedule an in-office consultation with a very good employment lawyer this week. Best regards.

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