I am a self employed hairstylist and haven't signed a contract in a year and a half and they made no mention to sign one.

Now that I would like to leave they say the contract renewed automatically when I didn't sign. I was never asked. What now?

Lansing, MI -

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Jason Matthew Shinn

Jason Matthew Shinn

Employment / Labor Attorney - Keego Harbor, MI

From the information you provided in your question, I would have a number of follow up questions before I would feel comfortable offering my thoughts. Generally speaking, employment in Michigan is at-will, which means you or your employer can end the employment relationship for any reason (assuming that reason is not unlawful, e.g., discrimination). However, if there is a signed contract, then additional rights or obligations may exist and need to be addressed. Also, it is not uncommon for employers to try and include contractual obligations buried within an employee manual that employees routinely sign at the beginning of the employment relationship. With this in mind, I'd recommend reviewing any documentation, manuals, etc. that you signed or were provided by your employer with the assistance of experienced legal counsel. Also, certain post-employment obligations may exist even if you did not sign an agreement, but this is much more difficult for an employer to establish, but something to consider (see the link below for more information on this point). I hope this helps.

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Timothy J. Klisz

Timothy J. Klisz

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Livonia, MI

Sounds crazy to me. I'm understanding that you never signed any contract, correct? If so, you are under no obligation to stay at a job. You are probably just an independent contractor anyhow. If you do have a contract, read it carefully for your answer.

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