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I am a resident. Documents show me as immigrant. I was picked up for a warrant that I did time for in '87. They want me deported

Norwalk, CA |

I was sent to Adelanto, CA immigration hold to be deported. On my court date my sister spoke to the judge who said that I should not of been picked up. My sister had to post a $5,000 bail for my release. My next court date is in September of 2012. I have been in the U.S.A. since 1958. They kept my California Driver's license. I now have no I.D.. What I need help with is getting my residency papers in order before my court date. My sister was told that the warrant was out dated and charges will be dropped. My pending court date will be to find if I am legal or not. My father was born here. My mother has her citizenship papers.

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  1. You need a lawyer, this is not a do it yourself type case.

  2. I strongly suggest you retain an experienced immigration attorney who also knows criminal law.

  3. You need an experienced immigration attorney now. There are many in California. You can look on the web at for one in your area.

    The answer provided here is general in nature and does not take into account other factors that may need to be reviewed for a more precise answer. You should consult with an immigration attorney before taking any action. The answer here is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

  4. I agree with the other attorneys. You should speak with an attorney that can assess your case and see what your best options are. Documents of any convictions, prior petitions for residency, and family documents (especially showing citizenship of your father) could be very important. Best of luck.

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