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I am a residen alien with a LEGAL green card. are my ssa disability benefits taxable?

Jonesboro, GA |

I was awarded a lump sum and monthly payments.Is any of this taxable?

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Maybe. The answer depends on too many variables for anyone to answer it here. If you have other income (such as income from a spouse), then yes, a portion of your benefits may be taxable. If you are single and had no other income, then the benefits may not be taxable. You should consult an experienced CPA or other tax preparere for a review of your situation and help preparing the return, if one is needed.

    This answer is not intended to provide you with specific legal advice regarding your situation, or to create any attorney-client relationship. The intent is only to provide general information. You should be aware that you cannot rely on this answer to provide you with any protection against tax penalties. You should always consult your own attorney in order to obtain legal advice.

  2. Yes the monthly SSA benefits are considered taxable income to the extent they replace lost income. Whether you will actually owe tax on the taxable income depends on your relative amounts of income and deductions.

  3. You should assume that the answer is "yes." Go to a licensed tax return preparer and have him or her run your precise numbers.