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I am a parole abscoder with a( 5 years ) and I got picked up ecently

Alger, MI |
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I had paraphenalia in the car owned by my girlfirend and I am am also being chraged with running a meth lab. I have 2 previous felonies. what can I axpect and can my girlfriend be in trouble?

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Your girlfriend is in trouble and you can expect to be a guest of the state for a while. Not enough information for an objective assessment but the outcome will almost cetainly involve a significant jail sentence.

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Many, many unknown variables in your question such as the ages and severity of your priors, the amount of 'proof' that the prosecution thinks it has, and what evidence, including things like statements, finger prints, literature, 'cooking' gear, etc. that they have seized and from whom. You would likely be charged as a 'Habitual 3rd' and there are sentencing guidelines that the court is required to follow if and when you are convicted of any crimes.
Get a lawyer and get busy with building your defense.

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From the few facts presented, I would say that both you and your girlfriend are in trouble. The fact that you are a parole absconder compounds your problems. I suggest you contact an attorney IMMEDIATELY. I realize that running from your problems may have seemed like the easy way out 5 years ago, but it has only made matters worse. Courts do not look kindly on individuals who run away from their responsibility (terms of parole).

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