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I am a foreign student here (F1). If I advertise that I need to get married will the immigration people know about it.

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I am dating and most people, when they learn that I am a F1 student never contact me again (even though I am not looking to do anything fraudulent - I want to meet someone to marry for the right reasons). So I thought that if I am upfront and have a section on my dating page that sets out exactly what I am after that might help me. BUT would the immigration people hold it against me?

Many thanks

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Anything you put out there in a public forum (including on the internet) is fair game for immigration, so I would be very careful about how you put this in your dating profile. Of course, people want to get married for all different reasons, and the key to a bona fide marriage is not that the parties have no interest in the immigration benefits at all, but that the people intend to establish a life together at the time the marriage takes place. So, if you are interested in meeting someone to spend your life with, the type of people who would be turned off by your immigration status are probably not the type of people you want to marry anyway, and it might be unnecessary to advertise your status at all.

Good luck to you! And, while marriage is great, there are plenty of other immigration options for someone in your position--further studies to maintain your F1 status, a possible H1B once you graduate, or any number of other options, as long as you maintain your status. It's always a good idea not to rule anything out.


I agree. I would add that since an F-1 must show no immigrant intent, marriage based immigration is potentially complicated, should the case be reviewed by an official who interprets this intent rule very strictly.

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