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I am a citizen and resident of another country. I want to form an LLC in the State of Florida. I plan on requesting an EIN.

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Other than submitting the Articles of Organization and paying the appropriate fee to the FL Dept. of State, Division of Corporations, what else do I need to do? Should I request an EIN from the IRS? What differences are there between what a citizen and resident of FL would have to do and what I would have to do? The purpose of my LLC will be for "all lawful purposes." Can I use a UPS drop box as my address for the Articles? Please assume that I will get all necessary business licenses from the county in which I register the LLC. Thanks!

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  1. Yes, you will need an EIN from the IRS. You will not be able to obtain an EIN online from the IRS website because it requires a social security number. As a US nonresident, you will not have a SSN. You should consult a Florida attorney to discuss tax issues to determine if the LLC is the most appropriate entity.

  2. I agree with Counsel. For purposes of tax reporting a single member LLC is a disregarded entity and the member pays taxes on their personal reporting. Being that you do not have a SSN, that will become an issue. Please consult a Business Tax Attorney locally to discuss the LLC tax implications. Good luck to you.

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