I am a "at will" employee in the manufacturing industry. At my workplace, a serious accident took place causing injury to anoth

er employee. A OSHA/internal investigation is taking place. I was not directly involved in the situation, not knowing personel were in the area or that any work was going on. I did witness actions prior to any work began, so I've been called in to the internal investigation. I have found out that the supervisor that was at the site during the accident, has stated I was there and gave the ok for some of the events that took place. During the company investigation, it was stressed to me that I could speak to no one, if so 'it could have a effect on my employment". I questioned that statement, stating that I felt I"d been slandered. So since this is a "at will" employer and this isn"t discrimination, could I be fired for contacting a personal attorney or OSHA?

Houston, TX -

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Steven E. Petrou

Steven E. Petrou

Employment / Labor Attorney - Cypress, TX

Your employers is not supposed to retaliate against you or terminate you because you spoke to OSHA. Congress put an anti-retaliation provision in OSHA, so employees can be free to report dangerous conditions without retaliation. You should contact an attorney or OSHA and file a claim for retaliation if your employer takes any action against you.

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Michael Vincent Galo Jr.

Michael Vincent Galo Jr.

Employment / Labor Attorney - San Antonio, TX

it is protected activity to participate in an OSHA investigation. I recommend that you contact OSHA, and that you advise the OSHA investigation specifically of what you know and dont know to set the record straight.

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