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I am 8mo pregnant and I have only been married for 8mo. Can I get temp spousal support while going through the divorce.

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I am 8mo pregnant and I have only been married for 8mo. My husband got upset because I still want a divorce after seeking counseling. He has taken the car, my property obtained before marriage, and he is not paying any bills. He refuses to give me any support even though he agreed to $300 a mo. We agreed that I would go to school until I graduated in two years and he would provide for baby and I. I told him I wanted an abortion, but he refused to give me the money or permission. Am I entitled to temporary support until I can get back on my feet. I also have two other children that are not his in the home. He has had the gas cut off and was not paying the bills when I gave him money. I haven't worked in 8mo. I have just filed for an order of protection in Feb.and a divorce in March.

I meant to say $300 every 2 wks. 600 a month

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you may be entitled to temp. support for yourself. you should get child supt. after the baby is born. these cases are fact specific. your best option to find a divorce lawyer to speak with soon.


Can you argue to the court that he needs to contribute to household expenses while this matter is pending? Yes. Will the court grant that? Impossible to predict, especially based on one paragraph of information.

During a Divorce, under Illinois law, you can ask for temporary orders, to include spousal support, child support, and attorney fees. Some, like Chlld Support, utilize percentile guidelines (See ILCS 5/505). Others, like spousal support, are based on a variety of factors and left to the discretion of the judge.

You will be best served by having an attorney. If money is an issue, talk to Cabrini Green Legal Aid, LAF, or the Chicago Bar Association.


I agree with the previous attorneys. The only thing I would like to add is that you need a good attorney ASAP. There are many good ones near you.

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