I am 22 and was legally adopted when i was 5 and my father was a us citizen how can i become a citizen

i want to know what is the best way for me to become a citizen?

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Irene Arfaras Steffas

Irene Arfaras Steffas

Adoption Lawyer - Marietta, GA

You should seek counsel of an immigration attorney. Because immigration law is federal, your attorney can be from any state.
To answer your question - depends on a lot of specific details.

Who was the US citizen, your biological father or your adoptive father?
If the US citizen was your biological father and he was married to your mother, good news.

If your adoptive father was a citizen, did he ever file a petition for you with immigration?
Are you a legal permanent resident?

What about your mother? Your grandparents?

Who have you lived with and who had custody of you?

There are numerous potential remedies to your situation: the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, Family Petitions for Adopted children and DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

All these are issues that impact the answer to your question. You are welcome to call me office for a consultation. Please mention that you got my name from AVVO.

Good Luck,

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