I am 18 can I get a lawyer for myself for shoplifting?

I AM 18 and never did this before my boyfriend had me do it and I broke up with him I know I did and believe me I am so sorry and will not ever do it again I never did anything like that ever. Can I get a free lawyer I will do community service what ever but not on my record I will be going to college sept.

Hillsborough, NH -

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Donald L. Blaszka Jr.

Donald L. Blaszka Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Londonderry, NH

In New Hampshire, you may be entitled to a court appointed attorney if you are charged with a Class A Misdemeanor (maximum penalty of $2,000 fine plus 24% penalty assessment and or 12 months in jail) or a felony.

However, if you are charged with a Class B Misdemeanor (maximum penalty of $1,200 fine plus 24% penalty assessment), you are not entitled to a court appointed attorney. You should contact the court to determine the level of offense that you are facing. You can also find out at your arraignment.

You may be willing to complete community service as part of an agreement or diversion program but the arrest will still appear on your NH criminal record (and potentially conviction) unless you take steps to annul the record at a later time. The fact that your former boyfriend had you commit the offense is not a defense or an excuse in the eyes of the court.

You should definitely consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in NH regarding your case.

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Anna M. Zimmerman

Anna M. Zimmerman

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Manchester, NH

Yes, you can and should get yourself a lawyer. I would also recommend not posting on-line what is essentially a confession.

Theodor Kaplun

Theodor Kaplun

Criminal Defense Attorney - Bala Cynwyd, PA

You can get a lawyer, I would call the local bar association for advice on this matter.

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