I am 17 years old and got caught shop lifting at the local Beals, What can i expect?

Asked about 6 years ago - Niceville, FL

Me and my friend went to beals and got caught shop lifting, it was a 35$ clothing item. I have been in trouble once before, the charges were 2 felonies for breaking and entering and burglery and 1 misdameanor for underage drinking, The 2 felonies were dropped because i was not guilty, 2 older males had done that and i just went to the house for a party and later found that it was broken into, But the misdameanor for underage drinking was exspunged. The other day when i got caught the cop said i could get charged as an adult considering my 18th birthday is may 7th and court date is april 15th, i was wonder if they can do this considering it is only a 2nd degree petty retail theft?
I am also wondering what i can expect, Am i going to go to court with many other kids and be issued to teen court or am i just going to have to go to the normal court and get my punishment there? And also what kind of fines can i expect?
Im also a Honor student at my high school and am graduating this year with a bright futures scholarship, If i go to court will the judge see that i am good student? will my good scholarlyness help me? Thanks so much.
Sincerly I big time screwed up

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Its also been two years since my teen court the first time. But would i rather have teen court or adult court or juvie court.. im just confused and getting nervous about whats going to happen.

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    Answered . You've got it down pretty good, but I wouldn't expect diversion (teen court). You will probably go to juve court. If you do, ask for diversion. All they can say is no. The worst that will happen is you'll be adjudicated and put on probation. You could also just get a judicial repremand.

    If you do go to adult court, you should be able to get diversion.

    You need an attorney. You have a lot at stake.

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    Answered . Mr. Waggoner was absolutely correct in saying that you contact a local attorney, rather than try to handle this alone. You have too much at stake.

    You may qualify for diversion which, if you complete successfully, will result in the dismissal of your charges. However, given your priors, you may not. It's unlikely that you will be charged as an adult, but that doesn't make your situation less serious. While both the judge and the prosecutor would likely take into account your your good performance at school, it is not the only factor that they will consider. You should have an attorney to guide you through the process to help ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome. Good Luck!

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