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I am 17 and a mother to a 14 month old, and pregnant again, do i need parental consent to see an obgyn?

Bicknell, IN |

I will be 18 in november. my daughter is 14 monthr. i dont live with my mother and only see her two days a week, but im not emancipated.

i took an HPT last tuesday and it was positive.

i need to see a doctor. but if i need a parent to consent then theres no way my mother is going to do so. shes not even willing to leave the house for food.

with my daughter i went to appointments alone but i think my mom mightve signed something.

my obgyn is doctor baker at heartland obgyn is washington IN. i tried calling and no one gave me a straght answer. last time i was there was for my 4 week pp check up after having my daughter.

i am in indiana.

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You can consent to your own health care as an unemancipated minor in Indiana if you are:
(i) at least fourteen (14) years of age;
(ii) not dependent on a parent for support;
(iii) living apart from the minor's parents or from an individual in loco parentis; and
(iv) managing the minor's own affairs.

If you are living with an adult who is taking care of you "in loco parentis" but who is not your legal guardian, and the problem is that your mother is not willing to leave the house, there are various ways to work around this without going to court.

Your mother may be able to simply sign the consent form from the doctor's office at her house.

Your mother could give written permission to consent to the other adult who is taking care of you through a power of attorney. This procedure is outlined in IC 29-3-9-1. It is very easy and does not require going to court.

I have attached links to the statutes and also a link to an article about Indiana medical consent law. This article includes details about how to write a simple power of attorney document that would give someone else power to consent on your mom's behalf.

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