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I am 16 I'm wondering if I can become emancipated in Ohio and what is the best way too

Marion, OH |

My dad has a protection order against him but I`m living with him cause my mother kicked me out of the house, she wants me back but is really abusive. I don't have any other choice but to go back unless I can become emancipated and live with my father .. who has cleaned up his act.. I don`t know what else to do please help me as soon as possible

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  1. In Ohio, until you are 18, you may not be emancipated unless you either join the military or get married, both of which require parental consent.

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  2. You need to go see a social worker at Children and Family Services . Explain to them what is happening with your current family situation. No teenager needs to live with a parent who is abusive. With the help of the county and juvenile court , you can find a safe place to live while your family works out its problems. The Court can appoint a guardian ad litem who will represent your inters in any legal proceedings.