I already applied for deferred action and paid everything, the thing is I'm scared to get denied!?

I'm scared because I used a fake social with my name and address. Will that affect me? If I get denied will I get my money back? It was a sacrifice to pay 465 and 400 more for lawyer!

Mission, TX -

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Rebecca T White

Rebecca T White

Immigration Attorney - Seattle, WA

It is too soon to know how applications will be adjudicated - the grant is discretionary. You will need to speak to the attorney who knows the background on your case for a better idea of what your chances may be, but you won't be able to get filing fees returned to you after you have filed.

Kyndra L. Mulder

Kyndra L. Mulder

Immigration Attorney - Jacksonville, FL

I agree with my colleague.
Once the government reviews and accepts an application they will not return the fee even if the result is a denial.

Alan Douglas Dobson

Alan Douglas Dobson

Immigration Attorney - Arlington, VA

I agree with my colleagues, filing fees do not get refunded after filed and accepted. Even if you used false documents it does not necessarily mean you will not qualify it is discretionary and USCIS will review all of your evidence and situation to make the determination.

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