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I accidently missed my court date and a warrant has been issued for my arrest what can i do

Chicago, IL |

arrested for a stolen vechile

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I disagree with Mr. Isquith's answer. The Court issued the warrant not the DA. Only the Court can recall it. You must have your case added on to calendar and then go in and give the judge your excuses. He may or may not recall the warrant.

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I agree with Mr. Kaman. The Court issues, recalls, vacates and otherwise controls what occurs as a result of the warrant. Consult with your lawyer how to present this in the best light and get it done. The worst thing to happen would be you getting arrested on the warrant instead of surrendering on the warrant. Good luck.

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I fail to see the "debate." The prosecution has nothing to do with the issuance of the warrant or missing a court appearance. It's not something that can be "explained" to the prosecution - instead, it's the court that will need to be satisfied that the failure to appear was excused or will not happen again.

Better to get your lawyer to go to court with you ASAP and minimize the impact of failing to appear, rather than getting arrested on the warrant.

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