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I a thank you for the advice????????????????????

New Albany, IN |

But what good is said advice you so-called turnkeys that has told me not to divulge some of the information!1 when you and the people in your line of business,(just do not seem or probably
do not have the capacity to understand what true hunger is(like no food for going on 23days)not
including that I have been on welfare not by choice.
What you claim is yours because you earned it.) Besides having to go without electricity for almost 3 weeks,
So how in the world do you think I be able to obtain a turnkey. That has been the only advice you keep on sending me. As far as a public defender give me a friggin break, or other types of legal help
is a sad state of affairs(they are all a joke) So again save you useless advice for someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You're welcome.

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