I-94 expires while waiting for USCIS decision on B2 visa extension. Should we wait for the USCIS decision?

Applied for a B2 extension for my parents on 04/01/13 but I-94 expires on 05/29/13; given this scenario I have a few queries 1. Will my parents be out of status if they stay in US after 05/29 ? 2. If yes would this impact any future US visits made after the current one? 3. If USCIS denies the application how many days do they have to leave US? 4. Can the DHS deport my parents while the USCIS decision pending? Any help on this matter will be much appreciated.

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

It is up to you. They will not be out of status because timely filed request for an extension renders their stay authorized until the decision is issued.

Any request for an extension whether granted or not is always a consideration in future decisions to issue a nonimmigrant visa or grant admission.
Reasonable time. A week is probably reasonable. A month is probably not.
No. See my answer above.

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J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Only you can decide whether to wait or not.
1. Status is governed by the I-94.
2. Depends on USCIS' decision and if a denial, how soon after it they leave the US.
3. ASAP.
4. No

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Olesia Gorinshteyn

Olesia Gorinshteyn

Immigration Attorney - Atlanta, GA

1. No period of unlawful presence until & unless denial decision is made by USCIS;
2. Yes, it will;
3. Have to depart immediately (but technically within 180 days)
4. No.

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