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I-751 petition to remove conditions of residence

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My friend's I-751 petition to remove conditions of residence has been approved and the card is currently in production. Meanwhile, my friend traveled to his home country and decided to surrender his greencard. Can he email USCIS asking them to stop production of green card?

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Wow what a waste.He can try but it may already be on its way. He should also inform the local consulate so they are aware he voluntarily relinquished his green card.

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He may email USCIS with the receipt number of the application. Whether they will actually stop the production is a different story. It could already be produced. If he receives it, he can mail it back and relinquish it. That is the best option from my perspective.

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Sure, he can ask them to do that.

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I don't think the USCIS will stop production of your friend's green card document (never heard of it). However, he could surrender his permanent residence status at the U.S. consulate of his home country.


I agree with my colleagues. It is unlikely that USCIS will stop the production. He can surrender his green card at the consulate.

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