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I-751 Interview

New York, NY |

When we submitted our documents for I-751, we provided documents with both our names on every billing statements. And on our interview day, can we bring our personal/separate bank account and credit card account with the same mailing address on our interview just to prove that we have the same address?

Also, can I bring more documents on the day of our interview? additional utility bills, joint bank account statements, phone bills, additional affidavits? IRS tax transcript for 2 years because we only provided 2 years of 1040 forms (I know IRS is preferred).

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Yes. Bring more docs. If they scheduled an interview, it means USCIS wasn't impressed by the amount of evidence you provided.

  2. I-751 interviews happen rarely. It's not something that you should anticipate. Interviews happen in around 10% of cases.

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  3. You should absolutely bring more documents to the interview. The focus is usually on your joint life together - financial, social, etc. You will want to focus on the joint documents. I recommend that you go see an immigration attorney for a consultation before your interview so you know what to expect.

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