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I-485 was transfered to NBC office MO

Chicago, IL |

Hi my letter from USCIS saying my case(I-485 application based on asylum approval) is transferred to USCIS-NBC, LEE'S SUMMIT, MO.

What does this mean? Will I be called for an interview?
How long will it take for the case to get processed in new office - Missouri Office?
I was arrested for domestic violence but was never convicted - Will this have any impact?

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A conviction, not an arrest may matter.

Repost in MO for an answer about the MO office



I live in chicago. However my case was sent to MO. Not sure why? Will it be moved back to field office in chicago?


I wouldn't worry about it. It is often commonplace that various USCIS ServiceCenters shuffle cases among each other for "efficiency" and faster adjudication purposes, especially backlogged cases. Hopefully you'll obtain a positive final resolution to your case soon.

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Thank You!


Generally, the USCIS transferred the pending file for a further adjustment review and decision to another USCIS facility that handles these matters at that facility. Without knowing exactly how the case was prepared or knowing whether any flaws or mistakes were made it is impossible to gage the duration for its review.
Finally, any criminal history will be reviewed, including the arrest on merits. For instance, if the background check reveals an arrest and your application omitted it than will present a potential perjury issue and denial.

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Hi Alexander - Thank You for your response. I have disclosed the arrest and sent the disposition along with the packet. Any idea how long will it take for the decission to come out. Do I need to follow up with MO office?


Something is up and it's hard for us to know what without more information. Talk to an attorney.

This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not meant to be relied upon as legal advice.

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