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I-485 RFE for spouse and child

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I got RFE for my dependents spouse and child. The RFE states that, applicant should provide Chest X-ray full and formal report, signed by radiologist in letter head. The RFE is same for spouse and child. I have couple of questions,

1. Is original X-ray must be submitted? and whether originally signed by radiologist?
2. Should force doctor to provide this even if they not agreed to send X-Ray and signature by radiologist?
3. I got separate RFE for spouse and child (Same thing asked). Can I send RFE response & documents for spouse and daughter in same envelope? OR Separate envelope for each one?


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You probably got an RFE because you do not have an immigration attorney handling your cases (correct?). You are asking for detailed and specific legal advice as to your case and this forum is for general guidance only, therefore it would be in your best interest to take your query directly to an immigration attorney in your area so that person can see what you have filed (hopefully you kept copies of everything) and what precisely needs to be filed.

This advice does not form an attorney-client relationship and is merely informative. It should not by itself be relied upon to address a legal concern.

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My company lawyer filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently. I think doctor missed to attach Chest X-Ray report and letter from Radiologist. The result is marked "Normal". I'm wondering why USCIS asks for report (when its normal). Is this general behavior?

Gunda Johanna Brost

Gunda Johanna Brost


It is, they are required to check if you have any health-related ineligibility issues by law to obtain a green card. For instance, if you had untreated tuberculosis, it could be contagious and therefore pose a health threat, so the test will make sure you get it treated first before you are able to obtain permanent residency. Your attorney probably is just waiting to get the RFE first and then send it in - not an uncommon practice, could be due to time constraints. Regards: GB.

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