I-360 approved as battered spouse, I-485 filed, what is next? Will there be any interview? What is the process?

Hello and thanks everybody, this is most helpful legal forum on Net I have ever seen. My friend got her I-360 approved as a battered spouse and then she filed I-485, now 6 months passed and still nothing. Her lawyer says that there should be interview but some people who got their I-360 approved before say there should be no interview. What is the process after I-360 is approved? Thanks everybody.

New York, NY -

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Ekaette Patty-Anne Eddings

Ekaette Patty-Anne Eddings

Immigration Attorney - Atlanta, GA

Yes you will be interviewed. Usually not gruesome.
If you do have any concerns, however, you are advised to retain a lawyer, especially if you have past immigration record and any criminal convictions that might be bothersome
You are welcome to use the link provided below.

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